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On one side, a stone symbolizing strength. On the other, a word you want to keep close...
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Zach and Zeb Wahls' illustrated deck brings the idea of "playing the woman card" to lifeliterally...
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Find empowerment in this pendant that reads "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul."..
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Lights, camera, decorate! Scratch this poster to reveal beloved women characters from movie history...
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Pouch? Purse? Made from paper? Yep. This sturdy little do-it-all bag is earth- and animal-friendly...
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Seeing leather? Look again. This tote is made from 100% FSC-certified paper that's water- and tear-resistant...
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A chromatic jigsaw puzzle perfect for the CMYK connoisseur...
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This hand poured soy candle turns to a soothing liquid lotion when burned...
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These elegant earrings hold "pebbles" of frosty sea glass which have been shaped and smoothed by the ocean...
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No need to choose between convenience and looks: this handsome backpack/crossbody bucket bag has both...
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Step up your breakfast game and make a hearty omelet in 45 seconds with this stoneware clay dish...
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This personalized keepsake celebrates that exciting moment when she becomes Queen of Hugs...
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