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This colorful necklace gives an old skateboard a new lifean apt symbol for new beginnings...
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Up your accessorizing game with these hoop earrings crafted from pre-loved skateboards...
$62.46 $62.46
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Show mom her love is endless with this delicate circular charm and radiant iridescent stone...
$50.95 $50.95
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A subtle (and pretty) symbol of the empowering community you're a part of...
$77.26 $77.26
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This meditative pendant is made from carefully stacked sea glass...
$74.58 $74.58
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Courtney Gillen handcrafts custom sterling silver bezels to fit each piece's organic shape...
$55.82 $55.82
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Recall sunny days spent by the sea with this modern necklace made from found sea glass...
$75.69 $75.69
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Stars are arranged in your zodiac constellation on this delicate sterling silver pendant...
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Wear this necklace and carry a powerful mantra: "Seek to Understand, Always Take Sides, Watch Us Rise!"..
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Wear your kindred animal proudly with these five playful pendants by Britta Ambauen...
$56.39 $56.39
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Featuring unique charms, beads, and knot work, this set of seven bracelets sprung from natural inspiration...
$52.28 $52.28
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Remember your strength always with Jen Pleasants unique recycled brass and sterling silver necklace...
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