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Wear a personal reminder of life's milestones with this recycled sterling silver necklace...
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Make time for mindful breathing every day with this special pendant...
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A gold lightning bolt signifying strength, and a peridot gemstone for healing and harmony...
$73.82 $73.82
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This sea glass necklace serves as a reminder to embrace the sea of change in your life...
$78.35 $78.35
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Tell the world that youre proud to be one of a kind with Britta Ambauens handmade necklace...
$53.86 $53.86
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Subtle yet playful, these spirited pals bring a bit of personality to your look...
$63.65 $63.65
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Inspired by the stars (and the art of folding paper), Sue Beatrice handcrafts these intricate necklaces...
$55.82 $55.82
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Simple and and stylish, this trio of circles represents the passage of time in past, present, and future...
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Celebrate love with this elegant necklace made just for you and your sweetheart...
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So cool you'll forget it's a tool, this bracelet lets you make a battery pit stop without stopping...
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This elegant ring uses the function of a Tibetan prayer wheel to encourage us to meditate...
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This necklace has a yin-yang charm, garnet, and quartz to help the wearer bring balance to their life...
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