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This gold-plated brass and sterling silver piece bears a heartfelt statement about the nature of friendship...
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$5 from your purchase goes to Democracy Works, a group helping make sure no one misses an election...
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Joseph Cirinciones cufflinks feature your zodiac constellation, shining with glow-in-the-dark power...
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These geometric earrings are made from wooden beads hand-wrapped in recycled saris...
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These earrings celebrate a life well lived, combining a silver, Maori roimata symbol and a garnet charm...
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Show a loved one that theyre just that loved with this handcrafted sterling necklace...
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Tuned to the love frequency (528hz), this pendant plays soothing tones as you inhale and exhale...
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Capture the fierce protection and love you have for your children with this mama bear and cub necklace...
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Repeat after us: these mantra-embossed bracelets are powerful reminders of your strength...
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Instead of polishing the piece to a tee, Emilie Shapiro leaves a bit of texture from her tool marks...
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Tuck your wish or intention inside this beaded bracelet to carry it with you...
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