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Carry the benefits of aromatherapy around your wrist with this essential oil diffuser bracelet...
$74.58 $74.58
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Natalie Jacobs handcrafted earrings feature colorful gemstone "raindrops" falling from brass "clouds"...
$52.28 $52.28
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This necklace takes the natural beauty of honeycomb and turns it into a lustrous work of wearable art...
$69.95 $69.95
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Stack Mary Steratore's minimalist, sterling silver birthstone rings to honor a few of your favorite folks...
$57.83 $57.83
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Like a miniature night sky captured in a pendant, this handmade piece celebrates your zodiac sign...
$62.46 $62.46
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This chunky, multi-strand necklace is handmade from bright blue acai seeds...
$55.82 $55.82
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You can have the sun, moon, and the whole world at your fingertips with these handmade stacking rings...
$58.75 $58.75
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Giving "phone accessory" a whole new meaningthis charging cord slash stylish bracelet does double duty...
$75.69 $75.69
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Mary Steratore's 22k gold vermeil and sterling silver pendant is an abstract homage to motherhood and family...
$76.95 $76.95
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Celebrate your favorite city by keeping it close to your heart...
$52.28 $52.28
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Ola Shekhtman's sterling silver skyline rings let you wear your favorite city around your finger...
$69.95 $69.95
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