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These spirits candles reveal a cast iron sculpture as the wax around them melts away...
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Hang one of these handcrafted, stained glass feathers in a window to catch the light...
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Chris Crooks' kinetic steel spiral celebrates unions that are written in the stars...
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This match holder features an unglazed rim with the perfect texture to light strike-anywhere matches...
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The wind makes this rainbow-colored, handmade glass fish mobile "swim" over a garden, porch, or entryway...
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Taking you through special moments big and small, this fill-in journal tells your unique love story...
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Attract more butterflies to your garden with this stoneware piece that releases minerals they love...
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Preserve your precious memories from concerts, sporting events, museums, movies, Broadway shows, and more...
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With the Tube-Wringer, squeezing out that last drop of toothpaste is a cinch...
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Science and artistry come together in this elegant, hand-blown glass barometer in the shape of a swan...
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Stock these at-home bars in your shower and drink in the skin soothing benefits of wine-turned soap...
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Thai artisans make each of these arboreal coat racks by hand from reclaimed mangosteen trees...
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