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$5 from your purchase goes to Democracy Works, a group helping make sure no one misses an election...
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This globally sourced and thoughtfully grouped trio of stones is a reminder of your inner strength...
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Keep your spare key safe and hidden in a secret cavity in this inconspicuous, natural stone...
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Passive hydroponics make it easy to grow herbs indoors with Sarah Burrows and Nick Behr's modern planters...
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Reward journeys with a greeting from Larry the llama, the star of this colorful, sturdy welcome mat...
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Enjoy the comforting scent and crackling flame of this candle inspired by Santa's visit...
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This modern oil candle illuminates a tiny stainless steel tree, casting enchanting shadows on your wall...
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Grow beautiful, edible flowers indoors with this charmingly packaged kit...
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Perfectly vertical shelves give you the storage you need without taking up floor space...
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Handcrafted from felted wool, this plush ornament makes a sweet seasonal statement...
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This spectacular peacock sculpture has brilliantly colored plumage that "flutters" when the wind blows...
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