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This traditional basket's made of wire mesh, so you can hose off your harvest before taking it inside...
$74.58 $74.58
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Stephen Kitras hand blows this unique feeder, with ripples of color that dance when the sun hits them...
$65.99 $65.99
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Hang this messenger of love in the window, and sunbeams will brighten the room with its gem-like colors...
$52.28 $52.28
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These handmade wrought iron stands offer a beautiful way to display Stephen Kitras' signature glass globes...
$50.95 $50.95
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This handmade bowl features an ergonomic design for an elevated snacking experience...
$70.58 $70.58
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This cleverly integrated design is ideal for serving chips and salsa with one piece...
$68.62 $68.62
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Simple and easy solid pine swing shelves add rustic style and handy storage space in a snap...
$74.58 $74.58
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This handcrafted stoneware kitchen caddy keeps your dish sponge and scrubber clean and dry...
$78.35 $78.35
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Since they're made by hand, each has its own look, name, and lovable personality...
$76.95 $76.95
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These hand-poured soy wax candles offer a remedy for homesick senses...
$50.95 $50.95
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Hand carved from teak, each of these elephants has its own rustic personality...
$73.82 $73.82
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Handcrafted from copper and colored glass, Humphrey the hummingbird is a charming addition to your garden...
$59.18 $59.18
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